The Letter You May Never Read

It’s over then… A year and a half latter you said it was over and I have no other option but accept it. I still love you, I love with all my heart and I hope you know it. It’s been the best year and a half of my life, my only regret is it didn’t last longer but you say you don’t love me anymore and who am I to deny it?

I saw it coming from the day you said you didn’t like to kiss all that much… It was only a matter of days until you told me what I suspected but couldn’t believe. I was your sweetheart, your valentine, your lover… I am no more so it seems.

You’re afraid I’m sad but I’m not, how can one be sad considering all that has passed? Sure I could be sad cause of the end and I thought I would be but I’m not, I’m actually happy. I’m happy it was so great, I’m happy I met the most wonderful girl of my life, I loved you, you loved me, it lasted long and went on nicely, it was good… Why should I be sad?

But in fact I am sad, not for me but for you. I’ve seen you cry after you told me you didn’t love me, I’ve eared you say things to me, words of comfort, sentences I don’t need and you know it, you want to say them to me so you can believe in them. I understand, we’re both having a tough time.

I won’t lie to you. I still hope deep down in my heart that some day I’ll see you running to me once again. Sweat dream that allows me to sleep, the dream of you on some remote occasion running back to me.

But I am sad, I can’t lie to you. I’m sad because you left me indeed. I just can’t admit to it, I prefer to hide it behind my mask, my old and dusty happy face mask I haven’t worn since that day you said yes. Deep down in my dreams I still recall… recall the happy moments, that magical December day… It’s all gone now…

It had to happen right? Nothing is eternal. We are all made of the same flesh that dies a bit every day, every hour, every minute, every second… We are all dieing and with us our thoughts and emotions and so died our love…


I still love you but if indeed we weren’t meant to be I’ll grow over it, don’t worry my bumblebee… Sorry to call you that, my hearth still longs for yours even though it’s a desperate plea from the other side of a door that will stay closed for all time.

But that time runs dim and I must stop and walk away now. But before I go, I want you to know that you’ll always have a friend here. You’ll be in my hearth until I wither away, that I promise! And my final thought I know it’ll be: thank god I’ve known that little bee.

Best Wishes and Kisses, the now your friend:

PS: Desculpem ser em Inglês mas prefiro assim.

  • Luis Nabais | 2005/05/13 - 19:38