Tale 7 – Part 5 (end)

NOTA: este post está em inglês pois foi assim que me saiu e eu não tive tempo para o traduzir.
NOTE: this is final part of this short story I came up with, don’t forget to read the rest.

It was still pouring “outside” of that torn-down, ceiling-less building and yet he wasn’t wet, she wasn’t wet and nothing “inside” was wet. It was as if the rain only fell outside the limits of the former walls and not inside.

She was looking at the bed now and he moves his face to look as well. There was this man on the bed, the most familiar man to him, a man with a fresh scar on his face. The man’s legs were wet and his feet bare, he was wearing some weird glasses that covered most of his face and had some tubes connected to his arms.

He asked, still looking at the bed: “who are you?”.

“I am Elle” the girl responded but he knew that already. Maybe he had asked the wrong question he considered but, as he was pondering what to say next, he heard a shot and as he looked to the side he saw the girl falling to her right and down the ledge of the building. He stretched out his hand, tried to catch her but it was too late and he managed only to saw her fall down that seemingly endless building with her arms open, her long black hair trembling in the wind and a sad look on her face.

And then everything went black.


He was looking at the water, sitting down on a beach with his arms around his legs. The blue of the ocean somehow felt very nostalgic for him and there was some sort of liquid dripping down his face, something that came out of his eyes. He felt no will to leave that place, he felt like there was nothing else to do. There were birds and clouds in the sky, there were trees further back and a stone-paved road that lead somewhere he could not see but his eyes kept looking at the deep blue of the ocean and he felt like there was, however, something missing. Something he could not remember what it was. Something that he knew he somehow missed very very much.

This however the man did not see. It was an old run-down building with the lights flickering and water dripping from an old exposed pipe somewhere in the distance. The room didn’t have very much, only a couple of old chairs and an hospital bed to one side. On this bed there was a man, a man hooked up to some strange contraption that looked like some oversized glasses with all sorts of lights and wires sticking out. He was barefooted, had a small scar on his face and his legs looked wet. He also had some tubes ticking out of his arms, like those you would find on some sort of bed-ridden patient.

There were also some men in suits, one of them without a tie and with the top buttons of his shirt open. These men were moving around, placing some stuff in suitcases without so much as talk to one another. The tie-less man made a motion with his arms and with that the others picked up the suitcases and left in a hurry leaving behind only that strange man lying in the bed while the lights flickered away…


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