Tale 7 – Part 4

NOTA: este post está em inglês pois foi assim que me saiu e eu não tive tempo para o traduzir.
NOTE: this is the fourth part of this short story I came up with, stay tunned for the rest and don’t forget to check the other parts.

She moves through the streets at a quick pace and he does his best to keep up eventually reaching her side. She continues looking forward, stopping at intersections only to look straight at each direction before choosing one to walk to in seemingly random fashion.

“Where are we going?” he asks but gets no reply as she keeps walking like he wasn’t even there.

Suddenly she stops and out of her lips comes the following words: “We’re here”.

He looks at her dumbfounded and then turns his attention to the direction she was looking to. There was a building there, a very big and tall building with his sides entirely made of glass and again not a soul in sight.

He returns his attention to the girl but she’s no longer there. He looks in every direction but the girl’s nowhere to be seen for she had apparently vanished leaving not a single trace to point to her previous presence.

He decides then to go into the building for maybe Elle would be in there.

He enters the building through its large glass doors and finds himself at a big lobby. There’s a fountain in the middle and some stairs to the side. There’s a reception desk behind the fountain yet there’s no one there to receive anyone, it’s just as empty as the rest of this town where he seems to be now. “What happened to the village?” his mind wonders…

Behind him the sun is setting and night is rising and in the space of a few seconds the day returns, then the night, then the day again… time seems to go by ever faster outside of those thin glass walls till at some point he can no longer tell if it’s day or night for the changes are so fast he is unable to notice them anymore. It’s no longer day or night nor something in between, he feels like night and day are meaningless now for some odd reason and his minds wastes no more time on such thoughts.

He walks up the stairs and sees the open doors of an elevator, an old elevator. It was one of those where people manually push a small railing before beginning the ascend and is something very out of place in such a modern building. He gets into that old-fashioned thing and notices that there is only one button with no markings on it, a button he pushes as soon as he closes the railing to allow the elevator to move.

The elevator is moving now, going up. There’s the first change of floors and what he sees on the other side of the railing is nothing for a while. Then there’s a flash of light and he sees again. It’s raining quite badly now outside the building, there’s a bad storm going on out there, but he only sees this for a few moments for another floor is coming up and everything goes black again.

When light comes back it’s still raining outside and the elevator stops at what appears to be the final floor of an old run-down building. There’s no glass to speak of, only some partially-standing walls and barely any roof to speak of. There is however a girl up ahead, a girl standing next to something, some sort of table or… no, it’s not a table but a bed, some sort of hospital bed he believes.

He opens the railing and the girl looks at him with that familiar stare of hers. It was Elle.

He walks up to her and looks at her eyes, they were of a blue as deep as the ocean he noticed, and as he was considering that fact he heard her say: “You’re here”.

To be continued in part 5…

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