Tale 7 – Part 3

NOTA: este post está em inglês pois foi assim que me saiu e eu não tive tempo para o traduzir.
NOTE: this is the third part of this short story I came up with, stay tunned for the rest and don’t forget to check the other parts.

In front of him there’s an endless blue now, an endless blue only broken by small bits of white passing by and some birds… Also he feels like his feet and legs are wet, like there are waves breaking against them and have been there for a bit now. And sand, he feels sand on his back… he’s at a beach apparently, looking up at the sky, a beautiful summer sky… Somehow this is all very familiar to him but he’s unable to find any reason why, he just feels like he’s been like this before. Probably recently, probably not.

For some reason he also feels like there’s something on his face, a recent scar for some reason and yet he’s unable to figure out why but he feels like it’s not something he should be bothered with apparently.

He gets up and walks toward the trees, towards a stone-paved road that leads up to the grass-field of a stadium he can’t see from the beginning of the road for some reason. For an equally unknown yet for him unimportant reason day seems to turn into night when he enters this stadium. And for yet another seemingly unimportant reason he finds it normal to pick up a gun from the middle of the field. He feels however like there’s something that should have happened before he picks it up but nothing does and he thinks best not to concern himself with such baseless feelings.

He continues walking, feeling the stone return to his feet as he crosses a tunnel and returns to the familiar sight of a stone-paved road. For some reason he decides not to take this road but to follow a small beaten path just to the side, a path that carries on between the leaves of the trees and that eventually takes him to a small deserted village.

In this village he finds a house, a house with the door open but which he cannot see into for the sun is much too bright and the inside of said house much too dark.

He picks up his gun from his waist and moves quickly into the house pointing the gun first to the side, then forward like he was expecting someone to be there but there’s no one…

Well there actually is… There’s a girl on a chair a bit further ahead, a girl tied to that chair. He thinks he knows her and for some reason he finds his mouth saying “Elle” but the girl does not respond. But it’s normal for her not to respond, he believes, for he knows that she’s not conscious at all.

He frees the girl from her ropes and moves her ever so carefully in order to lie her on the floor. He then shakes her ever so gently, calling out what he believes to be her name, attempting to wake her.

After a while her eyes slowly begin to open. She’s staring at the ceiling first and then turns her head towards him, always without as much as blinking. “I am Elle” she says before she raises herself in order to be seated instead of laying on the floor.

She looks around ever for a while as if she’s trying to understand where she is but her movements are very inorganic. She moves as if she’s carefully studding the location.

She stands up eventually and walks towards the window staring outside for a while before continuing: “You shouldn’t be here Steve”.

“Steve? Is that my name?” the man asks with a voice filled with insecurity.
“I don’t understand the meaning of that query.” she responds without ever looking away from the window.

He stands up, for he was sitting on the floor, and is about to speak when she starts to say: “We must hurry, follow me”. As she says that she moves towards the door and he finds it best to follow her.

To be continued in part 4…

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