Tale 7 – Part 2

NOTA: este post está em inglês pois foi assim que me saiu e eu não tive tempo para o traduzir.
NOTE: this is the second part of this short story I came up with, stay tunned for the rest and don’t forget to check the other parts.

He came out of the tunnel and found the stone-paved road again however this time he felt like he shouldn’t follow the road. For some reason he had the strongest of impressions that the shadow had gone towards some other route, some nearby passage that he should search for, so he looked around. And would you believe he actually found a small trail amongst the trees? A trail where he saw something move quickly, running away from him.

He hurried towards the trail and felt what his mind told him was dirt against his feet while he carried on at quick pace through the leaves and the trees following that invisible shadow. Then the trees and the leaves stopped and so did the dirt for that matter for he was now at a small village, a collection of small houses with small roads in between them but no people in sight. A deserted village actually.

He slowly walked through the streets looking at the buildings all around him and wondering at the fact that no one was in them or outside them for that matter. He thought that people should be there and yet he seemed to feel like it was totally normal to find no one here even if he didn’t know why he felt that.

He was standing in front of a house now, an house with an open door and yet he couldn’t see inside for the sun was too bright and the house was on it’s inside apparently too dark. He didn’t mind the fact that it was day again at all, in fact it seems like there was daylight ever since he left that stadium and he hadn’t noticed at all.

For some strange reason he reached with his hand to his waist and picked up that metallic object he had found earlier. He looked at it and noticed some letters engraved on the side from which he could only make out a 9 and two m’s. He felt like he knew exactly how it worked and what he should do with it thought which he thought odd for a second or two but then quickly forgot has he grabbed it by what he knew to be the handle. It was shaped like an L, the contraption, and had a small semi-circle where he placed his finger but even if he didn’t know what it was he felt that he knew exactly what it’s purpose was for and he felt like he would need to use it soon.

He looked back up at the door of the house, raised up his “gun” (that’s the name he knew belonged to that small metallic contraption yet he could not remember how or why he knew it) and quickly moved in stretching his arm to the side as he entered pointing the gun to a man who was right by the side of the door. He heard the familiar sound of a firing pin being pulled back and looked along his arm to find the man he was pointing his gun at point one at him in return.

He stared him in the eyes, this other man, and smiled. He wore a nice shirt, nice shoes and what would amount to a nice suit but he didn’t wore a tie and kept the top buttons of his shirt open. This other man smiled and moved his head motioning him to look to his right. He hesitated at first but slowly turned his eyes to try and see what it was that this man was trying to point out. When his eyes finally turned he was greeted by the barrel of yet another gun staring him on the hands of a person in the shadows. The man to his right then said “game over” and suddenly, with the loud sound of a shot being fired, everything went black…

To be continued in part 3…

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