Tale 7 – Part 1

NOTA: este post está em inglês pois foi assim que me saiu e eu não tive tempo para o traduzir.
NOTE: this is just the first part of this short story I came up with, stay tunned for the rest.

He wakes up on the shore of a beach on a beautiful sunny day… he’s fully dressed except for his bare feet and the waves are breaking against them… The sky is the only thing in his view, the beautiful blue sky with the birds flying and the rare cloud passing by.

He’s not thirsty or tired, he’s not hungry either… He feels nothing out of the ordinary outside of the partially wet pants he’s wearing…

He remembers nothing, not where is now or how he got there and most strangest of all he does not remember who he is… he knows only a name: Elle and yet he knows that’s not his name but someone else’s. Somehow he feels like it’s an important name to remember and yet he doesn’t remember who it belongs to, only that it’s not his obviously. But why is it obvious? Somehow that seems unimportant and a silly thing to consider at the moment.

He stands up and looks around… the beach is deserted, not a soul in sight. There’s not a person, animal or thing as far as the eye can see other than the birds on the sky. There are trees yes, a bit further back and away from the shoreline.

He walks up to the trees and notices a road there… a stone-paved road that walks away from the beach but he cannot see where it leads for the sun is too bright and hinders his sight. He decides to follow it however since the beach seems deserted and if there’s a road here it might lead to people somewhere. He doesn’t know why but he has a feeling people will help him somehow. But why does he need help he wonders. He doesn’t know that either but he feels he does. He doesn’t find this odd at all though, it’s as though everything’s normal to him. Well almost everything since he feels like he should find Elle, wherever and whoever she is.

He didn’t quite notice who or when but the stone-paved road turned to the green of a grassy field. He was too distracted by his own thoughts the he didn’t noticed such an obvious fact. It should even be rather easy to notice on account of his bare feet but he didn’t notice at all. Of course he only thought all this as odd when he was suddenly blinded by lights coming from all directions. He noticed then that it was nighttime now… “how odd” he remarked to himself out loud “I could have sworn it was just broad daylight”.

He was still finishing his sentence when a sharp feeling of what one would describe as pain arrived at his brain and he threw himself to the ground as he felt it. It was such a strange feeling for him. He should obviously know what pain felt like… he did know what pain felt like and yet he had the strangest feeling that it was the first time he was experiencing such a thing. Of course that wasn’t the strangest of things right now, that would be the reason he was feeling pain at all and that thought was now occupying the full capacity of his mind.

He placed his hand on his right cheek and noticed some sort of liquid. It wasn’t much, just a few drops but it was there and it felt a bit too warm to be water. He then looked at his hand and noticed some red dots of said liquid. “Blood?” he questioned out loud. But why was he bleeding inquired his mind. A scratch he considered. But how did a scratch get on his face? Well he did listen to something fast swooshing by and he had the feeling it was something called a bullet but he had no idea what that meant right now.

He looked upwards and to the top of one of the sides of that big circular construction all around the green field where he stood at the moment, a construction he somehow thought had a name of stadium but he could not fathom why, and he caught the glimpse of a shadow moving and fading away. For some odd reason he had the strongest urge to follow said shadow and in order to do so he stood up picking up this strange smallish metallic object lying right besides him. He placed this object on his pants, tugging it between the belt and his stomach and dashed towards a tunnel on the sides of that stadium-thingy.

To be continued in part 2…

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