When all love is gone all that’s left is pain and rage!

You think it’s because of you? I don’t care jack about what you fell, it’s not worth it!

Now you’re felling sick? Good luck then!

Why didn’t I wish you well you ask?

Because I don’t wish that maybe… It didn’t pop into my mind.

“Don’t worry” you say but I do worry… I care about all the evil and bad feelings in the world now. There’s nothing left for me to care about…

And as long as everyone else is unhappy I’ll be unhappily happy. The pain of others helps me endure my own. Their bliss reminds of the lack of my own and so I must destroy it like mine was…

My hearth is broken, my joy is gone… All that was is in chaos and my mind is now gone in the winds of discontent and I’m free… Free to be bad, free to be evil, free to unleash pain and hell to all those who do not know it!

From my pain others shall suffer but the first will be the one who caused it: YOU!

You though we could be friends. How cute. How evil of you! Taking it all away like I was a mere baby, like I had no felling whatsoever! I’ve had it! Don’t toy with me anymore!

It’s not just you, when you see your family collapse you can’t possibly stay the same. All I had left in my heart is gone. No more pain cause I have no more cares, no more love… All that’s left is rage and anger!

PS: Exposição prolongada e continua á dor pode causar efeitos secundarios!

  • Luis Nabais | 2005/06/10 - 13:45