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Tale 7 – Part 5 (end)

Ago 10 11

Escrito por Luis Nabais @ 11/08/10 10:08 | 1 Comentário »

NOTA: este post está em inglês pois foi assim que me saiu e eu não tive tempo para o traduzir.
NOTE: this is final part of this short story I came up with, don’t forget to read the rest.

It was still pouring “outside” of that torn-down, ceiling-less building and yet he wasn’t wet, she wasn’t wet and nothing “inside” was wet. It was as if the rain only fell outside the limits of the former walls and not inside.

She was looking at the bed now and he moves his face to look as well. There was this man on the bed, the most familiar man to him, a man with a fresh scar on his face. The man’s legs were wet and his feet bare, he was wearing some weird glasses that covered most of his face and had some tubes connected to his arms.

He asked, still looking at the bed: “who are you?”.

“I am Elle” the girl responded but he knew that already. Maybe he had asked the wrong question he considered but, as he was pondering what to say next, he heard a shot and as he looked to the side he saw the girl falling to her right and down the ledge of the building. He stretched out his hand, tried to catch her but it was too late and he managed only to saw her fall down that seemingly endless building with her arms open, her long black hair trembling in the wind and a sad look on her face.

And then everything went black.


He was looking at the water, sitting down on a beach with his arms around his legs. The blue of the ocean somehow felt very nostalgic for him and there was some sort of liquid dripping down his face, something that came out of his eyes. He felt no will to leave that place, he felt like there was nothing else to do. There were birds and clouds in the sky, there were trees further back and a stone-paved road that lead somewhere he could not see but his eyes kept looking at the deep blue of the ocean and he felt like there was, however, something missing. Something he could not remember what it was. Something that he knew he somehow missed very very much.

This however the man did not see. It was an old run-down building with the lights flickering and water dripping from an old exposed pipe somewhere in the distance. The room didn’t have very much, only a couple of old chairs and an hospital bed to one side. On this bed there was a man, a man hooked up to some strange contraption that looked like some oversized glasses with all sorts of lights and wires sticking out. He was barefooted, had a small scar on his face and his legs looked wet. He also had some tubes ticking out of his arms, like those you would find on some sort of bed-ridden patient.

There were also some men in suits, one of them without a tie and with the top buttons of his shirt open. These men were moving around, placing some stuff in suitcases without so much as talk to one another. The tie-less man made a motion with his arms and with that the others picked up the suitcases and left in a hurry leaving behind only that strange man lying in the bed while the lights flickered away…


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Ago 10 10

Escrito por Luis Nabais @ 10/08/10 17:08 | Sem Comentários »

NOTA: este post está em inglês pois foi assim que me saiu e eu não tive tempo para o traduzir.
NOTE: this is the fourth part of this short story I came up with, stay tunned for the rest and don’t forget to check the other parts.

She moves through the streets at a quick pace and he does his best to keep up eventually reaching her side. She continues looking forward, stopping at intersections only to look straight at each direction before choosing one to walk to in seemingly random fashion.

“Where are we going?” he asks but gets no reply as she keeps walking like he wasn’t even there.

Suddenly she stops and out of her lips comes the following words: “We’re here”.

He looks at her dumbfounded and then turns his attention to the direction she was looking to. There was a building there, a very big and tall building with his sides entirely made of glass and again not a soul in sight.

He returns his attention to the girl but she’s no longer there. He looks in every direction but the girl’s nowhere to be seen for she had apparently vanished leaving not a single trace to point to her previous presence.

He decides then to go into the building for maybe Elle would be in there.

He enters the building through its large glass doors and finds himself at a big lobby. There’s a fountain in the middle and some stairs to the side. There’s a reception desk behind the fountain yet there’s no one there to receive anyone, it’s just as empty as the rest of this town where he seems to be now. “What happened to the village?” his mind wonders…

Behind him the sun is setting and night is rising and in the space of a few seconds the day returns, then the night, then the day again… time seems to go by ever faster outside of those thin glass walls till at some point he can no longer tell if it’s day or night for the changes are so fast he is unable to notice them anymore. It’s no longer day or night nor something in between, he feels like night and day are meaningless now for some odd reason and his minds wastes no more time on such thoughts.

He walks up the stairs and sees the open doors of an elevator, an old elevator. It was one of those where people manually push a small railing before beginning the ascend and is something very out of place in such a modern building. He gets into that old-fashioned thing and notices that there is only one button with no markings on it, a button he pushes as soon as he closes the railing to allow the elevator to move.

The elevator is moving now, going up. There’s the first change of floors and what he sees on the other side of the railing is nothing for a while. Then there’s a flash of light and he sees again. It’s raining quite badly now outside the building, there’s a bad storm going on out there, but he only sees this for a few moments for another floor is coming up and everything goes black again.

When light comes back it’s still raining outside and the elevator stops at what appears to be the final floor of an old run-down building. There’s no glass to speak of, only some partially-standing walls and barely any roof to speak of. There is however a girl up ahead, a girl standing next to something, some sort of table or… no, it’s not a table but a bed, some sort of hospital bed he believes.

He opens the railing and the girl looks at him with that familiar stare of hers. It was Elle.

He walks up to her and looks at her eyes, they were of a blue as deep as the ocean he noticed, and as he was considering that fact he heard her say: “You’re here”.

To be continued in part 5…

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Ago 10 09

Escrito por Luis Nabais @ 09/08/10 17:08 | Sem Comentários »

NOTA: este post está em inglês pois foi assim que me saiu e eu não tive tempo para o traduzir.
NOTE: this is the third part of this short story I came up with, stay tunned for the rest and don’t forget to check the other parts.

In front of him there’s an endless blue now, an endless blue only broken by small bits of white passing by and some birds… Also he feels like his feet and legs are wet, like there are waves breaking against them and have been there for a bit now. And sand, he feels sand on his back… he’s at a beach apparently, looking up at the sky, a beautiful summer sky… Somehow this is all very familiar to him but he’s unable to find any reason why, he just feels like he’s been like this before. Probably recently, probably not.

For some reason he also feels like there’s something on his face, a recent scar for some reason and yet he’s unable to figure out why but he feels like it’s not something he should be bothered with apparently.

He gets up and walks toward the trees, towards a stone-paved road that leads up to the grass-field of a stadium he can’t see from the beginning of the road for some reason. For an equally unknown yet for him unimportant reason day seems to turn into night when he enters this stadium. And for yet another seemingly unimportant reason he finds it normal to pick up a gun from the middle of the field. He feels however like there’s something that should have happened before he picks it up but nothing does and he thinks best not to concern himself with such baseless feelings.

He continues walking, feeling the stone return to his feet as he crosses a tunnel and returns to the familiar sight of a stone-paved road. For some reason he decides not to take this road but to follow a small beaten path just to the side, a path that carries on between the leaves of the trees and that eventually takes him to a small deserted village.

In this village he finds a house, a house with the door open but which he cannot see into for the sun is much too bright and the inside of said house much too dark.

He picks up his gun from his waist and moves quickly into the house pointing the gun first to the side, then forward like he was expecting someone to be there but there’s no one…

Well there actually is… There’s a girl on a chair a bit further ahead, a girl tied to that chair. He thinks he knows her and for some reason he finds his mouth saying “Elle” but the girl does not respond. But it’s normal for her not to respond, he believes, for he knows that she’s not conscious at all.

He frees the girl from her ropes and moves her ever so carefully in order to lie her on the floor. He then shakes her ever so gently, calling out what he believes to be her name, attempting to wake her.

After a while her eyes slowly begin to open. She’s staring at the ceiling first and then turns her head towards him, always without as much as blinking. “I am Elle” she says before she raises herself in order to be seated instead of laying on the floor.

She looks around ever for a while as if she’s trying to understand where she is but her movements are very inorganic. She moves as if she’s carefully studding the location.

She stands up eventually and walks towards the window staring outside for a while before continuing: “You shouldn’t be here Steve”.

“Steve? Is that my name?” the man asks with a voice filled with insecurity.
“I don’t understand the meaning of that query.” she responds without ever looking away from the window.

He stands up, for he was sitting on the floor, and is about to speak when she starts to say: “We must hurry, follow me”. As she says that she moves towards the door and he finds it best to follow her.

To be continued in part 4…

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Ago 10 08

Escrito por Luis Nabais @ 08/08/10 17:08 | Sem Comentários »

NOTA: este post está em inglês pois foi assim que me saiu e eu não tive tempo para o traduzir.
NOTE: this is the second part of this short story I came up with, stay tunned for the rest and don’t forget to check the other parts.

He came out of the tunnel and found the stone-paved road again however this time he felt like he shouldn’t follow the road. For some reason he had the strongest of impressions that the shadow had gone towards some other route, some nearby passage that he should search for, so he looked around. And would you believe he actually found a small trail amongst the trees? A trail where he saw something move quickly, running away from him.

He hurried towards the trail and felt what his mind told him was dirt against his feet while he carried on at quick pace through the leaves and the trees following that invisible shadow. Then the trees and the leaves stopped and so did the dirt for that matter for he was now at a small village, a collection of small houses with small roads in between them but no people in sight. A deserted village actually.

He slowly walked through the streets looking at the buildings all around him and wondering at the fact that no one was in them or outside them for that matter. He thought that people should be there and yet he seemed to feel like it was totally normal to find no one here even if he didn’t know why he felt that.

He was standing in front of a house now, an house with an open door and yet he couldn’t see inside for the sun was too bright and the house was on it’s inside apparently too dark. He didn’t mind the fact that it was day again at all, in fact it seems like there was daylight ever since he left that stadium and he hadn’t noticed at all.

For some strange reason he reached with his hand to his waist and picked up that metallic object he had found earlier. He looked at it and noticed some letters engraved on the side from which he could only make out a 9 and two m’s. He felt like he knew exactly how it worked and what he should do with it thought which he thought odd for a second or two but then quickly forgot has he grabbed it by what he knew to be the handle. It was shaped like an L, the contraption, and had a small semi-circle where he placed his finger but even if he didn’t know what it was he felt that he knew exactly what it’s purpose was for and he felt like he would need to use it soon.

He looked back up at the door of the house, raised up his “gun” (that’s the name he knew belonged to that small metallic contraption yet he could not remember how or why he knew it) and quickly moved in stretching his arm to the side as he entered pointing the gun to a man who was right by the side of the door. He heard the familiar sound of a firing pin being pulled back and looked along his arm to find the man he was pointing his gun at point one at him in return.

He stared him in the eyes, this other man, and smiled. He wore a nice shirt, nice shoes and what would amount to a nice suit but he didn’t wore a tie and kept the top buttons of his shirt open. This other man smiled and moved his head motioning him to look to his right. He hesitated at first but slowly turned his eyes to try and see what it was that this man was trying to point out. When his eyes finally turned he was greeted by the barrel of yet another gun staring him on the hands of a person in the shadows. The man to his right then said “game over” and suddenly, with the loud sound of a shot being fired, everything went black…

To be continued in part 3…

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Ago 10 07

Escrito por Luis Nabais @ 07/08/10 17:08 | 5 Comentários »

NOTA: este post está em inglês pois foi assim que me saiu e eu não tive tempo para o traduzir.
NOTE: this is just the first part of this short story I came up with, stay tunned for the rest.

He wakes up on the shore of a beach on a beautiful sunny day… he’s fully dressed except for his bare feet and the waves are breaking against them… The sky is the only thing in his view, the beautiful blue sky with the birds flying and the rare cloud passing by.

He’s not thirsty or tired, he’s not hungry either… He feels nothing out of the ordinary outside of the partially wet pants he’s wearing…

He remembers nothing, not where is now or how he got there and most strangest of all he does not remember who he is… he knows only a name: Elle and yet he knows that’s not his name but someone else’s. Somehow he feels like it’s an important name to remember and yet he doesn’t remember who it belongs to, only that it’s not his obviously. But why is it obvious? Somehow that seems unimportant and a silly thing to consider at the moment.

He stands up and looks around… the beach is deserted, not a soul in sight. There’s not a person, animal or thing as far as the eye can see other than the birds on the sky. There are trees yes, a bit further back and away from the shoreline.

He walks up to the trees and notices a road there… a stone-paved road that walks away from the beach but he cannot see where it leads for the sun is too bright and hinders his sight. He decides to follow it however since the beach seems deserted and if there’s a road here it might lead to people somewhere. He doesn’t know why but he has a feeling people will help him somehow. But why does he need help he wonders. He doesn’t know that either but he feels he does. He doesn’t find this odd at all though, it’s as though everything’s normal to him. Well almost everything since he feels like he should find Elle, wherever and whoever she is.

He didn’t quite notice who or when but the stone-paved road turned to the green of a grassy field. He was too distracted by his own thoughts the he didn’t noticed such an obvious fact. It should even be rather easy to notice on account of his bare feet but he didn’t notice at all. Of course he only thought all this as odd when he was suddenly blinded by lights coming from all directions. He noticed then that it was nighttime now… “how odd” he remarked to himself out loud “I could have sworn it was just broad daylight”.

He was still finishing his sentence when a sharp feeling of what one would describe as pain arrived at his brain and he threw himself to the ground as he felt it. It was such a strange feeling for him. He should obviously know what pain felt like… he did know what pain felt like and yet he had the strangest feeling that it was the first time he was experiencing such a thing. Of course that wasn’t the strangest of things right now, that would be the reason he was feeling pain at all and that thought was now occupying the full capacity of his mind.

He placed his hand on his right cheek and noticed some sort of liquid. It wasn’t much, just a few drops but it was there and it felt a bit too warm to be water. He then looked at his hand and noticed some red dots of said liquid. “Blood?” he questioned out loud. But why was he bleeding inquired his mind. A scratch he considered. But how did a scratch get on his face? Well he did listen to something fast swooshing by and he had the feeling it was something called a bullet but he had no idea what that meant right now.

He looked upwards and to the top of one of the sides of that big circular construction all around the green field where he stood at the moment, a construction he somehow thought had a name of stadium but he could not fathom why, and he caught the glimpse of a shadow moving and fading away. For some odd reason he had the strongest urge to follow said shadow and in order to do so he stood up picking up this strange smallish metallic object lying right besides him. He placed this object on his pants, tugging it between the belt and his stomach and dashed towards a tunnel on the sides of that stadium-thingy.

To be continued in part 2…

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